A new radio show in Mumbai that breaks the fourth wall of traditional media


Tiffin Talk is a new radio project in Mumbai with the simple goal of delivering relevant discussion. 

Bollywood drama ebbs and flows and stock prices rise and fall, but behind these redundant media smokescreens real people are accomplishing interesting feats and many fascinating stories slip through the cracks. 

Tiffin Talk delivers dialogue on political, business, and cultural happenings by talking to the people involved or who know what is really going on.  We break the fourth wall of media and engage listeners by going beyond your traditional interaction with the news.

Periodically throughout the month, Arthor Danchest, the host of Tiffin Talk, chats with two guests on topics of interest to Mumbaikars.  Shows typically last about 20-30 minutes.

For those not familiar with Mumbai, “tiffin” comes from the old English word “tiffing,” which, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, means “taking a little drink or sip.”  It came to refer to a delivered lunch in British India when the Brits had their lunches brought to them at work.

Today in Mumbai, the tiffin carriers, or “dabbawallas,” are famous for their impeccable service of delivering 150,000-200,000 lunches everyday.  Most are illiterate and use colors and a few numbers to mark the destination the tiffin must arrive at after navigating the local trains, bicycles, and enormous tiffin flats that the dabbawallahs carry on their heads. 

According to The Economist, they make 1 mistake for every 6,000,000 deliveries, giving them a Six Sigma rating and putting them ahead of all modern courier services – accomplishing it all without literacy or modern technology.

The tiffin service is known for not being interrupted by weather, including Mumbai’s notorious monsoons and scorching heat.  We felt that the Dabbawalas summed up a lot of characteristics that we want to emulate in our radio show… and “Tiffin Talk” made a good alliteration.  We are also in the delivery business – we deliver relevant discussion.  We aim to be reliable, accurate, and uninterrupted.  We are Tiffin Talk.

If you subscribe to The Economist, read about the dabbawalas here or check out this New York Times bit.