A new radio show in Mumbai that breaks the fourth wall of traditional media


Arthor Danchest has been living in India for over two years.  He studied Indian history, including Hindi, at Brown University and he has continued to indulge in that passion by traveling extensively throughout India, fascinated by its diversity and simultaneous unity.  After spending several years in the U.S., he has come back to India – but this time Mumbai.

Arthor immediately became disenchanted with the news available in the city and the lack of connection that there seemed to be between the issues that matter and the people they affect.  Something needed to change.

Radio offers a unique ability to dynamically interact with the topic and since news and current events are banned on private radio, Arthor decided to start a show online. 

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A profile of a few expats going outside the typical A/C bubble that many foreigners exist in when they come to Bombay.  Arthor is included and gives his view on what it takes to really see Mumbai.

TiffinTalk in Times of India

Arthor Danchest, the host of TiffinTalk, is profiled for his work on the show and why he loves covering Bombay on the radio.  To read the article, click here.

TiffinTalk and why Arthor started it

A profile of Arthor, TiffinTalk, and what about Mumbai and the current sources (or lack) of news led him to create its first current events magazine radio show.

Arthor writes a column for HT Cafe about free radio

Arthor writes about how having a state controlled media outlet, like All India Radio, restricts the flow of information and ultimately disadvantageous to citizens.  Like the pirate radio of the UK in the 1960’s for rock and roll music, India needs a similar movement for news.

“This American is the Tiffin Talk of the Town”

A look at what motivated the creation of TiffinTalk, Arthor’s background, and why he chose to start the show.  This is a great profile of the show during its early stages.