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February 21, 2011 -



S. Narayan, Director of the Mumbai Film Festival, on this year’s festival and its future growth.

Jalebi Ink correspondent Shagorika Ghosh talks to a manager from Childline, a pan-India phone service for children.

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On this episode we talk to Raj Janagam, the founder of Cycle Chalao.  Cycle Chalao is a bicycle sharing program that Raj started at Kelkar College in Mulund to rent bicycles to students at two points: the railway station and the college entrance.  Bicycle sharing, already an idea popular in Europe and other cities around the world, has proven to be popular and Raj has already broken even on operational costs.  He is a finalist in the Unreasonable Institute business challenge.  To learn more, visit Cycle Chalao’s website.

Next we talk to Dr. Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri.  In 1995 they founded Laughter Yoga and since then it has grown to thousands of clubs in over 60 countries.  I visited the couple and had them guide me through their Laughter Yoga practice and describe some of its benefits.  To learn more about their work, click here.

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TiffinTalk in Times of India

Arthor Danchest, the host of TiffinTalk, is profiled for his work on the show and why he loves covering Bombay on the radio.  To read the article, click here.

TiffinTalk joins Dabba Radio

Based on the success of  and recognizing the need for much more quality radio journalism than just TiffinTalk can deliver, Dabba Radio has been created.  Visit their website, follow them on Facebook, on Twitter, and tell your friends!  Help us create amazing radio programming in India!




Mumbai University Student Radio

Cycle Chalao is a bicycle sharing program started by Raj Janagam at Kelkar College.  The initiative is the first step in a plan to revolutionize transportation in Mumbai, where pollution from cars causes rampant health problems.

Mitesh Panchal, a self-described forest and nature enthusiast who started an NGO relating to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the forest and conservation.

Pashington Obeng, a professor from Wellesley and Harvard, on Indians of Africans descent and the African diaspora in India.

Kabi, the creator of the the award winning blog Meter Down, which chronicles the stories of Mumbai’s taxi drivers.

Jill Beckingham, the woman who re-walked the route of Gandhi’s Salt March to Dandi in order to raise money for charity

Nancy Barry, founder of Enterprise Solutions to Poverty and former President of Women’s World Banking on microfinance.

Casey Nolan, videographer, on Artefacting Mumbai, an installation art project in Dharavi.

Raj Janagam

Laughter Yoga